5 Business Cases to Support Outsourcing IT with an MSP in 2020

5 Business Cases to Support Outsourcing IT with an MSP in 2020

Now that the next decade has arrived, it’s a great time to consider ways to more efficiently run your organization. New tools are released every day that boost abilities to streamline your productivity, reduce friction and make doing business easier.  But, without a team that knows how to use all these new tools, you could be missing out on opportunities to innovate and differentiate your business from competitors.

Looking toward 2020, outsourcing your technology is a strategic move that can bring great benefits to your entire organization. Instead of simply “doing IT,” you will optimize your systems and improve in-house IT staff efficiency and customer satisfaction.


5 Business Cases for Outsourcing IT by Partnering with an MSP

1. Allow teams to focus on core business competencies

While taking on additional tasks to save money might seem economically efficient, it actually straps your already busy staff with more work than they can manage. There is already a talent war so let your staff focus on what they do best and outsource the rest.

2. Reduce business risks

In a recent ESG/ISSA study, 70% of IT professionals reported their organization was made less secure due to a lack of technical expertise on their teams. As data breaches continue to rise, companies need to assess the security expertise they have on hand. While mega-breaches will always make the news, Microsoft research found that "20% of small to medium sized businesses have been targeted for cybercrimes." When engaging the right managed service provider you will improve your security posture, maintain compliance, and train employees to protect your business from social engineering attacks.

3. Reduce outages and downtime costs

Other risks companies’ face that can lead to lost business and productivity are downtime and technology outages. These can be caused by a number of sources – from power outages to WiFi interruptions to hardware malfunctions and outdated software and firmware. If you don’t have a plan for continued productivity during a down event – including cloud computing solutions, proper backup protocols and a plan for quickly getting back online – the cost of downtime can extend far beyond the cost of repairs or lost time. You could be facing upset customers, missed deadlines, lost opportunities and even lost data.  In some instances, this has led to business failure.

4. Increase business continuity and productivity

Outsourcing IT through MSPs increases your business continuity and productivity even when things are running smoothly. For example, an MSP can help your organization handle regular maintenance and support needs, keeping people and systems operating at optimal efficiency. MSPs can also preserve your IT infrastructure through patches, updates and critical upgrades. They will help a business develop a continuity plan in the event of downtime.  This enables companies to minimize downtime and down production time when outages occur. And, finally, an MSP will also be able to help strategically advance your organization by aligning your technology roadmap with your business goals

5. Create consistent OpEx/fee structure

If you’re trying to level your it spend and assure expenses are more predictable, choosing the right MSP can provide a strategic approach to all of your IT requirements to support your business objectives.

How to Know if You Need an MSP

If you’re experiencing turnover in your IT department, technology debt, an overextension of your IT budget, concerns over security and compliance or lack of growth within your organization, then you are a candidate for outsourced IT.

5 Questions to Ask as You Search for the Right MSP

  1. Does the MSP have a “security first” posture?
  2. Do they understand your tolerance for risk and where your business fits on the cyber accessibility continuum?
  3. Are they audited by a third party and are those audit results available?
  4. Has the MSP been in the industry more than 5 years?
  5. What is NOT covered in their “all-in” price?

Technology is more complex than ever and, for the cost of one or two full-time internal IT staff members, you can have a team of experts at the ready to troubleshoot and keep your IT running smoothly. For more information on Network Tech’s “Intentional IT” MSP services, schedule a technological discovery or appointment to discuss your 2020 IT needs with one of our experts.