Important update: Exchange 2007 End of Life

It’s happening soon, Microsoft is retiring Exchange 2007. Businesses who are using Exchange Server 2007 for any of their email and calendar services should begin planning to move the associated mailbox data and resources to a supported service. After April 11th, 2017 there will be no bug fixes or security patches.

MIcrosoft Server, Old yeller, & You!

Oh Microsoft Server 2003 we’ve had a good run. You were there for us when we bought our server, you carried us through our server migration and you handled the virtualization project like a champ! You’ve served the world for 12 long and wonderful years!

But now you’re nothing but a point of risk much like a snarling rabies infected old yeller and it’s time that we put you down…

Now you may be thinking “Hey it’s still running, I don’t need to do anything!” But the “bad guys” have been cooking up new formulas! Viruses, malware, and exploits, they’ve been working long and hard just waiting for the day when Microsoft would no longer patch or support this still popular business operating system.