Compliant IT

We take a proactive partnership approach before, during, and after your audit or exam


What is Compliant IT?

For banking and financial institutions, determining the correct IT policies, processes and controls to meet compliance benchmarks requires planning and expertise. Missteps can be stressful – and costly.

Network Tech’s team of exam and audit-tested professionals analyze your regulatory status, offer pre-audit recommendations, stand by your side during the assessment and assist with any remaining remediation directives.

What’s Available?


Proven Expertise

On average, our team serves as a partner in a compliance audit or exam at least once a week. We know what to expect and will ensure you will be ready as well.


Threat Penetration

We conduct comprehensive evaluations of your IT vulnerabilities before they can interrupt your business operations.


Strike a Balance

Not every bank or financial institution looks at compliance through the same lens. We work alongside you to identify appropriate tool options that fit your culture and your budget.


Vendor Due Diligence

Let Network Tech assist in your vendor selection process. We offer decades of experience focusing on the technical criteria and product components of vendor due diligence best practices.


Audit Remediation

Our team of experts expedites the implementation of remediation actions to quickly identify, mitigate, and eliminate coverage gaps, all the while keeping costs and resource allocations in check.

Why Network Tech For Compliant IT?

  • A Solid Game Plan
    Our intentional, proactive planning approach starts well before your audit date. We will help you compile the IT reports and documents necessary to prove your compliance preparation processes.
  • Our Experience, Your Gain
    You can count on us to help you prepare for the unexpected. We continually add to our audit and exam knowledge base across clients, which in turn help us to improve your network.
  • Continuous Communication
    Network Tech elevates communication with its partners through one-on-one meetings, IT peer mentorships, and a continuing improvement culture. We’re hands-on and available to help as needed.

Network Tech is proactive, communicates well, and keeps us in line.

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