Managed IT

Leave the day-to-day maintenance of your technology to our team of experts


What is Managed IT?

Take managing complex IT functionality off your task list with confidence. Network Tech’s Managed IT services include a proactive best practice process and strategy plan designed to improve operations and cut expenses.

By partnering with our team of experts, we help you build a resilient IT foundation, eliminating day-to-day IT distractions, to bring innovation and improved business performance.

What’s Available?



From networks to computers to cloud services to every managed endpoint device our team of network administrators proactively monitors your business technology assets at all times.


Appropriate Redundancy

Downtime is expensive. Network Tech designs your IT ecosystem to ensure resiliency and maximize uptime.


Proactive Design

For the most essential elements of your IT network we take a forward-thinking “ownership” perspective toward your technology needs. We uncover unforeseen technology challenges so they can be mitigated by early detection or even avoided completely.


Minimize Risk Footprint

By applying intentionally designed, layered configurations to your business Network Tech’s robust security processes provide essential infrastructure to proactively and continuously test your security efficacies, reduce risk, and build confidence.


Seamless Integration

As your dedicated IT department Network Tech takes the time to understand and document your business environment. We then integrate our experts into your operations plan, attend regularly scheduled meetings, and provide the agile IT infrastructure needed to keep your business on track.

Why Network Tech For Managed IT?

  • Enterprise Level IT
    By partnering with Network Tech you gain the expertise of a dedicated vCIO, network administrators, support, new technology deployment, and centralized services staff – at a fraction of the payroll cost for equal capabilities.
  • Process Driven Support
    We ensure that technology issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. The end user is kept apprised at all times of updates, operating system patches, and any other systems maintenance tasks currently being addressed.
  • Partnership Approach
    Unlike an IT vendor, we become fully involved with your strategic IT planning. We participate in regularly scheduled business review meetings for short and long-term planning, facilitating

We have no IT people on staff. Network Tech helps our 30 staff members at our home office and remote workers to stay up and connected. We appreciate the support.

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