Secure IT

Achieve enterprise-level security at a small business price


What is Secure IT?

Protect your business from cyber attacks no matter where they originate. With Network Tech’s intentional approach to data safety, you can take control of your security spending.

A robust, layered security approach incorporates both internal and external variables and everything from high-level threat protection to end-user workflow needs. No one system works for everyone, and we will find the right one for you.

As your cybersecurity consulting team, our job is to vet your best options and to help you build systems that ensure security while maximizing ROI.

Gain peace of mind knowing that your business stays protected from cyber threats, big and small.

What’s Available?


Risk Management Process

Our proprietary diagnostic scanning process detects and classifies system weaknesses at every layer, accurately predicting the effectiveness of countermeasures.


IT Security

Cyber vulnerabilities are not limited to external threats. Network Tech assesses your employees’ ability to identify and avoid phishing attacks and offers training to address any skill gaps.


“Pen Test”

Most businesses do not have the time or the expertise to systematically check their cyber defense strategies. Network Tech’s team of highly skilled cybersecurity experts deploy tactical approaches to uncover vulnerabilities and offers cost-effective methods to reinforce your data networks.


Vendor Assessments

Streamlining communication flow with your vertical partners can increase staff productivity but can also create IT challenges. Network Tech’s vendor-analysis processes ensure that your vendors keep your data and network secure.


Managed Firewall

At Network Tech managed firewall provides secure application control, logging capabilities, and real-time reporting; freeing your business from allocating internal resources for IT policy management, upgrades, and patch deployment.

Why Network Tech For Secure IT?

  • Expertise
    We follow proactive best-practice strategies to secure your business at all security layers, minimize downtime and identify threats before they can harm your data.
  • Whole System Approach
    Anyone can provide you with antivirus software and routers. Network Tech’s intentional approach to securing your network follows well-proven processes managed by the best IT team in the Midwest.
  • Partnership and Teamwork
    Security is not a "set it and forget it" function of your business. That’s why at Network Tech we schedule meetings, provide comprehensive reporting and truly partner with you to build and maintain defense strategies that work for your business, your budget, and your unique network structure.

This issue was addressed immediately. Scott contacted Kristina, got on her computer, and eliminated the possible threat. This was all completed within 40 minutes of receiving the support ticket. He then followed up with her to make sure all was well.

Janelle Beauchamp, COO
Cowell James Forge Insurance Group

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