Strategic IT

Make informed IT decisions that improve workflow and keep costs down


What is Strategic IT?

Strategic IT planning starts by looking at your business as a whole and analyzing how IT fits in your organization. Whether its cloud services or onsite desktop applications, being “strategic” involves developing measurable and attainable short-term and long-term IT objectives.

Network Tech not only provides you with a dedicated vCIO consultant but an additional four role-based teams, ensuring your technology choices today remain effective, scalable, and cost-efficient tomorrow.

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What’s Available?


5 Experts,
1 Purpose

From networks to computers to cloud services to every managed endpoint device our team of network administrators proactively monitors your business technology assets at all times.


and Budgeting

Avoid the “budget rollercoaster” of unplanned and unforeseen IT expenses with a fiscal roadmap that identifies and manages technology investments for the long term.


Assessments and Implementation

At Network Tech we are your partners in IT, not just a vendor. We look for right size, best-fit strategies, including the latest cloud-based solutions, to increase company-wide efficiencies.


Stronger Communication

We encourage regular meetings to review current process performance, plan short-term and long-term objective management, and identify areas where additional resource allocation may be warranted.


Architecture Planning

When your business adds new technology you need to build new processes to support it. We review your overall business goals and identify optimal technologies to accelerate your productivity.

Why Network Tech For Strategic IT?

  • Reduce Risks
    By building a solid IT foundation today, Network Tech helps reduce your risk for cyber threats, technology gaps, and unexpected capital expenditures.
  • Reduce Costs
    A great MSP continually finds ways to reduce your IT spend. Network Tech clients save money by eliminating the need to hire a full time IT professional, by long-term, strategic spend planning and by leveraging our industry-wide buying power for the right tools for your business.
  • Increase Productivity
    We instill highly strategic, intentional IT best practices to increase productivity one employee at a time. We help identify efficiency opportunities and, most of all, deliver peace of mind.

Network Tech clearly sets expectations up front and explains how their support system works. Each client has a dedicated team. This helps with continuity and familiarity with our employees and with our IT structure.


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