Moving Beyond 2020: Intentional IT Solutions to Start Today

We’re all painfully aware of the challenges and uncertainty 2020 provided. If you’ve kept your company afloat, you’ve done a remarkable job.

COVID-19 has been a major catalyst for business transformation, with more than 75% of respondents in a recent SWZD survey saying their business has resolved to make long-term IT changes as a result.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Here Is What You Should Know

October marks the 17th annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). This period continues to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity across the nation. The role of this month, to educate all Americans about the necessity of protecting themselves online, has never been more critical. Here at Network Tech, we have a “security-first” mentality. The challenges presented by COVID-19 and the rise of working from home has resulted in a pressing need to bring cybersecurity to the forefront for professionals across industries.

Network Tech Announces Reed as its New IT Operations Manager

Olathe, KS – Network Tech, a provider of “security first” managed IT solutions is pleased to announce the recent promotion of Jeremiah Reed to the position of IT Operations Manager.

Jeremiah, who has been with the IT solutions and service company since 2016, has served as a Network Administrator I and Centralized Service Lead.

Viruses, Floods and Cyberattack – Insure Your Business Against Today’s IT Threats

Despite the razor-sharp instincts and cat-like reflexes that enable a Nascar driver to slingshot around the track at over 200 mph, when he drives home to his family, he protects himself with vehicle insurance just like the rest of us do. That’s because no driver is perfect and everyday traffic is full of many risk factors outside your control.

Drafting Your Cybersecurity Game Plan

The past two months have been tough for sports fans. Hopefully, soon, our favorite players will be back to the courts, fields, and rinks. The good news is that it’s almost NFL draft time. Network Tech is prepared for the start of the new season. But we are always thinking about ways to help you protect your business especially with the increased levels of uncertainty 2020 has seen so far.