Resilient IT = Data Recovery

Prepare your systems and data for any contingency


What is Resilient IT?

IT resiliency describes the ability of a server, network, storage system or entire data center to recover quickly and continue operating when a disruption occurs.

Network Tech best practices include enterprise-level, industry-tested tools, and cost-effective applications that automatically take action to ensure data and systems protection, not only today but years from now.

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What’s Available?


IT Continuity

Network Tech applies a holistic approach to the management of essential IT functions in the event of a major disruption.


Disaster Recovery Plan

We incorporate right-sized failover mechanisms to protect and, if necessary, to recover your valuable data with the fastest recovery time objective (RTO) possible.


High Availability

Our best practices provide resiliency, availability, and accessibility that fit the needs of your business environment.


Layered Security

Network Tech combines multiple mitigating security controls to protect your resources and data.


Appropriate Redundancy

Downtime is expensive. Network Tech designs your IT ecosystem to ensure resiliency and maximize uptime.

Why Network Tech For Resilient IT?

  • Adaptability
    Network Tech best practices incorporate resiliency and availability that fit the needs of your business environment.
  • Progressive Insights
    Our experts look for opportunities to improve your company’s technology processes so you can focus on the tasks at hand.
  • Next Generation
    Every business needs a technology obsolescence plan. Network Tech enables you to make intentional, informed IT decisions that keep your business moving forward.

Network Technologies has been the best company to work with. We use their back solution and within the first couple of weeks, they prove their speed and liability. What would have taken days to recover from with ordering hardware, finding software discs and licensing information has been reduced significantly. ...Read More

Jay Carlson, IT Manager
Cleaves Bessmer and Meriatti, Inc.

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