Tim left the old computer in a nice neat stack. All cords were wound tight and zip tied. He identified each cords prior use. All trash from new computer was contained and picked up as he installed. All cords for new computer set-up were contained and out of the way. After the new was set up he let me navigate ALL areas from the start. The install was on a Friday end of work day. My slow navigating extended past a normal work day. He was in no hurry. Encouraged me to try everything out and to not feel rushed, he would stay as long as needed. Helped me as I went along as little differences appeared. He allowed me to pin to the tool bar, something I have never done! He could have jumped in and done this very easily, but he taught me how instead! When I was satisfied all was working well he encouraged me to not hesitate to call over the weekend if I had any issues. He would be happy to help me through any issues. It was a smooth educational transition for me. No apprehension or fear of lost files and the "lifeline" for weekend trouble shooting was perfect, even though none was needed! Everything has worked so smoothly. I can't say enough positives about this unique install. Thank You!

January 2018